Let's stop the nonsense! Your car must pass through our hands.
No one will give more importance to your engine, like us, that ship on four wheels you need to of great professionals that will give you the value that requires repair.


Diagnosis and adjustment


Repair A/C


Engine maintenance

rpm auto care

"If everything seems under control, is that you're not going fast enough" 

– Guilles Villeneuve.

To give you a correct use of your car in need of an expert group in the automotive service.

We are a group of professionals, concerned for the excellent maintenance and the optimal conditions of your vehicle. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by our service based on honesty and trust, placed above the security of our client, as our main commitment.

We have over 20 years of experience in the market and we work together and stand up for the benefit of each person we choose, to meet your highest expectations, with a job full.

Our services

To provide an optimal service you need to hire a professional team, reliable and gives you the security of a maintenance excellence. 

Here at RPM Auto Care we guarantee you a superior service, we are interested in the excellent condition in which we'll deliver the vehicle and we are known for offering an outstanding quality in the production of each work, generating the security, trust, and honesty that every business must reflect the client.

Leave your valuable machine in our hands and tell us what service you require.



Inspect, adjust, and review the components of the braking system of your car, checking the wear of the same order of actions to the solution. 



Bring your car to a revision of the suspension system, guarantee you a working barbarian, as this connects the vehicle to its wheels and is responsible for your trips to be comfortable and not have to suffer because of the imperfections of the road.


We calibrate the tire properly, ensuring even wear of the tread of the tire and this way we guarantee a driving peace of mind. 


We can give you a diagnosis specific and accurate for any problem you might have in your car, either motor or any other area, pointing out so fast how we can help you and that you need to your cart in issues of repair.


If your vehicle is having vibration or abnormal noises in the engine, unfortunately, they are consuming more oil than normal, or has loss of power, it is the time to act and allow us to change any part that you need your car to the solution of the problem that keeps him in alleged resting. 

Repair A/C

We give an optimal repair of the air conditioning of your car or a review of it to really know if it is in good condition.
Everything your vehicle needs, we can repair and improve with the quality that you deserve to receive.

Everything your vehicle needs, we can repair and improve with the quality that you deserve to receive. 

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

We are grateful to every customer who trust your car in our hands. We aim always to provide the very best service, professional and reliable.  

We want to show you the quality of our splendid work, because a witness is a big boost to continue to offer the best.

My car was making a strange noise and they quickly diagnosed and fixed in a record time. In addition, the price was very reasonable. I recommend all of their services!"

From the first time I was treated with kindness and professionalism, explaining in detail the problems of my car and the recommended solutions. I am very satisfied with the work performed and I will not hesitate to re-contact them in the future.

I am very happy with the work that they did on my car. Had problems with the engine, and had visited other shops without success. But here I met a team of mechanics really experts, who identified the problem and solved in an effective way. Now my car runs like new. Thank you for your dedication and professionalism!


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